4 Ways to Move a Piano 

It is always recommended to hire a piano mover when you move your piano. But for the sake of those who want to try it anyway, this article is for you. Like what we always mention, it will take a proper planning and effort to move a piano. Pianos are heavy and big instruments that can’t be lifted with one pair of hands. Follow the guideline below to move the piano safely.  


Moving a Spinet Piano 

This piano is small and what you can commonly see in homes. It is usually about 3 feet in height and weighs 300 pounds. Even though it’s small, don’t underestimate this piano. You should carefully plan your route, from the current location to the new one. Measure every door you’re going to fit the piano through. Measure the piano too so you can make sure that it will for through.  

If you’re moving it out of the house, prepare the ramps of the moving in advance. Move the piano before the other furniture so it can be put in a proper place. You will need 3 movers to do this. The recommended ratio is one person per 100 pounds. Lock down the slid. Wrap the piano, and then start moving.  

 Moving a Studio Piano 

The upright piano measures 58 inches wide and weights between 400 and 600 pounds. Do the same thing as the first one. Measure any doors and opening that it will get through. Prepare the truck’s ramp. Lock the piano down; wrap it in tape and blankets. Move the dolly at its end then have the crew lean back into the dolly. Use your manpower from start to end.  

Start moving the piano. The crew should support the piano’s weight according to its center of gravity. Lead it carefully by the dolly. To properly lift it, make sure to squat and maintain a straight back. When you lift, use your legs. Stop anytime if it feels unbalanced.  

Moving a Grand Piano 

Grand pianos are not commonly seen in homes. They can weigh between 500 and 1300 pounds, depending on its type. It measures more than 9 feet across so moving it would be difficult. It’s usually moved on-end, so check any openings that are tall enough for it. The safest method of moving it is loading it onto a rolling skid board.  

You will also need the assistance of many people for this. You have to lift its bass corner then unscrew the leg. Secure the piano with blankets, tape it then lift it from the back end upward. Lift the keyboard end off the ground. Keep it balanced.  

Moving Multistory Piano 

The safest way to move a multistory piano is hire San Diego piano movers. The weight and size of the piano is too overwhelming and might cause damages and injuries for amateurs or DIYers. A 700 pound piano might not be able to be supported by the staircase of 5 grown men.  


David Emami Shares Tips on How to Build Your Self-Esteem 

When David Emami was young, he came to see a psychotherapist. This is due to the fact that he decided to quit his office job that was boring for him and moved back in with his family in order to figure out what he really wanted to do. David Emami tried to improve his self-esteem through repeating positive affirmations how many times a day – I am going to be successful and I can be able to do anything my mind wants me to do.  

The psychotherapist told David Emami that the positive affirmations that he was using are not good, both psychologically and grammatically. However, the bigger problem is that there seems to be nothing in our lives that can help us reach our self-esteem and he told David Emami of Portland Oregon that he was not doing anything that will make him feel good about himself.  

Indeed, David learned that he has to nourish his self-esteem even more. He learned that if he wants to feel good about himself, he has to do the things that will actually make him feel proud, appreciate that, accomplished, empowered, or respected, or think the most important steps that can make him feel that he is advancing towards his goals in life.  

Five Steps on How to Nourish Our Self-Esteem   

  1. Avoid Using Generic Positive Affirmations 

As a matter of fact, positive affirmations are just like empty calories. Certainly, you can tell yourself that you are great but if you do not really believe it, chances are that your mind will reject that particular affirmation and make you feel much worse as a result. In addition to that, affirmations only work when they are falling within the range of a person’s believability, as well as for people that have low self-esteem, they often do not work.  

  1. Identify Areas of Authentic Competency or Strength 

In order to start building your self-esteem, it’s important that you identify what are the things that you are good at, what you do that others appreciate, as well as what you do well. It can be something small, like a single small step that is in the right direction, yet it certainly has to be something. For instance, if David was a loyal employee, that could have actually done the trick. However, he was not that dedicated. So, as a result, all the time he spent working in an office didn’t provide himself any self-esteem as well as emotional nourishment.  

  1. Learn to Demonstrate Your Ability 

Once you have finally identified your specific area of strength, you should find ways on how to demonstrate it. If you are good in basketball, then join a basketball league. If you are a good writer, then post a poem to a Blog. If you are a good event planner, then organize a family reunion. The key here is that you should engage in the particular things where you do well.  

  1. Learn How to Tolerate Positive Feedback

The moment our self-esteem become slow, chances are that we become easily resistant to compliments. It is essentially very important that you work on how to accept compliments in a most gracious manner.  




Things to Know About Home Insulation

Before diving into the advantages of insulating your house, let us first talk about what it is as well as the purpose it really serves. The enclosure of the home is what separates the outside’s uncontrolled environment to the inside’s controlled environment, which are those walls that surround you as well as that roofing system that goes above your head. And, the fine layer in between the outside and the inside structure is where home insulation lives.  

Home Insulation 

As a matter of fact, the primary job of the home insulation is to slow down the flow of heat from the room inside your living space. Of course, you want to slow the heat’s movement as well as capture the heat in one place in order to keep the temperature of the house the same all through out. On the other hand, the air that is constantly moving will also cause an uneven distribution of temperature throughout your house.  

Irrespective of the house that you live in as well as the type of heating unit you have, heat will always flow from cold to warm until it matches the warmest place in your house. The heat has actually been running in your house all day, yet for some reason the floors and rooms in your house are cold.  That is called as the heat convection. Air leakage is the main concern for most houses due to their sizes. There’s a lot of room for errors most especially when talking about the air leaking into and out a house during the winter season.   

Furthermore, the insulation of your house might seem like a hassle and you always think that it can carry a huge expense. However, the truth is that there are actually a lot of options in the market suitable for any kinds of situation. Below, you’ll be able to learn some of the advantages that you can get the moment you insulate your home properly with the help of a professional and dependable home insulation experts in Peoria 

Improved Thermal Comfort

Home insulation greatly assists in keeping enough amount of heat within a home or commercial building especially in freezing winter season as well as slowing the heat flow into the building during the summer seasons. Furthermore, an insulated building or home will thus be much cooler in summer and warmer in winter, creating a highly comfortable space all year round.  

Helps in Reducing Noise 

Home insulation is a great sound absorber and it can also help in assisting and reducing noise transmission through floors, ceilings, and walls, making the work environment or home much quieter.  

Makes You Save on Energy Costs 

Home insulation can actually cut the cost of cooling and heating by over forty percent. Therefore, insulating your home’s ceiling can potentially help you save twenty to thirty percent on cooling and heating bills. Furthermore, air conditioning and heating conditioning systems do not have to operate hard in order to achieve your desired temperature for your commercial building or home, which helps you save more money in the long run.